Daniel Larson: Wiki, Biography, Family, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Daniel Larson is a popular artist, model, singer, and TikTok Star from the USA. He is famous for getting canceled and his TikTok account being banned several times due to his made videos, and controversial content.

Daniel Larson has been entertaining his audience since 2020. Though being a multitalented guy, he recently got his TikTok account banned for sharing nude content. But out of all, the thing that made Daniel rose to prominence and trend on the internet was the news and the related videos he shared on his TikTok account that he is running for President Campaign in 2020.

Daniel Larson Profile Summary and Biography

Real Name Daniel Larson
  • Artist
  • Model
  • Singer
  • TikTok Star
  • Content creator
Famous for TikTok content and YouTube videos
Age, as of 2022 23 years old
Date of Birth 28th of October 1998
Place of Birth Denver Metropolitan Area, Colorado
Current residence Denver Metropolitan Area, Colorado
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Net Income Approximately 450K US dollars
Institutes she Attended
  • Sobesky academy
  • Never went to college
Nationality   American
Religious Identity Christian
Social media handlers
  • Twitter: @DanielLo75877071
  • TikTok: @daniellarsonluck
  • @welcomebackdaniellarson
  • Instagram: @dlrrecords.360
  • Youtube: Daniel Larson new start
Parents and Siblings not known
Relationship and marital status Single and unmarried
Biological children None
Girlfriend name No updates yet

Who is Daniel Larson

Daniel is a TikTok star who has faced multiple backlashes on TikTok in the period of his 2 years of content making on TikTok, but nothing seemed to stop him from providing his viewers, with doses of entertainment.

Why Did Daniel Larson Get Banned On TikTok Multiple Times

First his obsession with the celebrity “Grace Vander Waal” kept him in hot water for quite a long time then his first account on TikTok which debuted on the 30th of March 2020 got banned because Larson not abiding by NSFW terms of TikTok.

Daniel Larson trended on YouTube when Mr.Shaky496 posted his zoom call with him on the 20th of October 2020.

Daniel Larson’s Childhood, Education, and Family


As per sources, it is discovered that his parents used to abuse him which caused him to stay and be raised with his grandmother.

During his teenage, Daniel was diagnosed with “Autism Spectrum” complications and “Bipolar Disorder”.


  • He completed his high school studies at Sobesky Academy in 2017
  • As per his shared resume on LinkedIn, he has received vocal training and lessons
  • He couldn’t attend college for some unknown reasons


He was born in a white Christian household in Denver Metropolitan Area, Colorado. The name of his parents and siblings are yet to be revealed by Daniel Larson.

Daniel Larson’s Career Details

  • Content Creator

As already mentioned, he rose to prominence after the news and the related videos he shared on his TikTok account that he is running for President Campaign in 2020. After getting a massive outcome on TikTok Daniel switched to YouTube to up-notch his content and video-making career.

  • Model

He represents “Southwest Model and Talent Agency” and also worked for Eden Talent Agency till 2021 as a fashion model

  • Songwriter

He also has a talent for singing and songwriting, his song “Southside” has been listened to by more than 16306 people while another hit called “Black Ops” is trending and has been listened to by 30473 people

  • List Of Songs Wrote and Sung By Daniel Larson

  1. Over (Mist Squad Outro)
  2. Fake News 2
  3. Catch A Break
  4. Black Ops
  5. Southside


After concluding his studies, Daniel worked as an actor for different theaters

Social Media Presence As of 2022

  • Followers on Instagram: 1156 followers
  • Followers on YouTube: 2.98K subscribers
  • Followers on TikTok: 21.7K
  • Followers on Twitter: 4696 followers

Daniel Larson’s Physical Stats

Weight In pounds: 158 lbs.

In kilograms: 72 kg

Height In feet inches: 5’ 10”

In cm: 183 cm

Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye color Blue
Any distinctive feature Broken front Teeth
Health status
  • Autism Spectrum complications
  • Bipolar Disorder