Frederick Woods (Chowchilla Bus Kidnapers): Wiki, Biography, Family, Life Style

1952 born, as of 2022, 70 years old Frederick Woods is the mastermind of “Chowchilla Bus Kidnapping” and one of the biggest criminals in the history of the United States of America. He is the mastermind who planned the whole plan of the mass kidnapping of 26 children and the driver of the bus in Chowchilla, Northern California in 1976.

Frederick Woods was arrested for the conviction of this brutal crime in 1976 along with “James Schoenfeld and Richard Schoenfeld”  in the same year. It has been approximately 46 years as of 2022 since Fredrick Woods’s arrest and denied parole approximately 19 times but he is granted parole in March 2022. His partners, the Schoenfeld brothers had already been granted parole after 3-4 years of their arrest.

Keep reading to find more details and information about the biggest criminal in the history of the USA, Frederick Woods.

Profile Summary and Biography of Frederick Woods

Real Name Fredrick Nickerson Woods s 4th
Famous Name Fredrick Woods s
Date Of Birth  1952
Age (As Of 2022) 70-Year-Old
Birthplace America
Occupation Criminal And Kidnapper
Famous For A Kidnapping Case of School Bus Of 26 Children and Burying Them Alive In 1976
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Institutes He Attended Local High School

Who Is Fredrick Woods

Fredrick Woods s is the key suspect and mastermind of the kidnapping of a school bus full of 5 to 14 years old kids in Chowchilla, North California. He executed one of the biggest kidnappings in the history of the US.

Emotional and Mental Health State

As per investigation and inquiry, he belongs to a rich family and committed this crime out of frustration and self-imposed loneliness, and the depression that he did not measure up to his father’s expectations.

Fredrick Woods was a very unhooked teenager by nature and used to threaten people with a shotgun out of his anger at whoever dared cross his path.

After his arrest in 1976, all of the requests made for his payroll were denied until March 2022. The family of Fredrick is so rich that the family of each kidnapped and brutally killed child received a final settlement amount from them.

Summary of The Brutal Chowchilla Bus Mass Kidnapping Incident

Fredrick Woods planned the whole mass kidnapping of 26 children on the bus out of his discourteous mental and emotional state, and executed this cruel scheme  by partnering with two brothers, “James Schoenfeld and Richard Schoenfeld.”

These 3 men mass kidnapped 26 children along with the driver and buried them alive underground in the underground buried truck trunk which had food and water. They demanded 5 million US Dollars’ worth of ransom money from the families of the children.

However, thankfully, both the 26 children and the driver managed to escape after being buried underground inside the suffocating setting for almost 16-17 hours.

Recent Trending News Related To Fredrick Woods

Since 1976, all the payroll was getting denied but in March 2022 he was found suitable for payroll. Although due to security issues the date of his release from jail is not yet disclosed.

About His Childhood, Education and Family


Fredrick Woods was born in a well-settled and rich family in America with a silver spoon.


He acquired his education from a local high school in his town.

Family and Wealthy Lifestyle

Fredrick Woods s’ family used to live on a 78-acre Woods s estate, also called “Hawthorn”. His rich family-owned hundreds of vehicles that exhibited their high class and financial status.

Fredrick Woods s himself owned many “vintage vehicles, trucks, etc.” he used to spend money on antique things and furniture hence, enjoying his rich status and liberal life at its best.

Parents Father name: Fredrick Nickerson Woods s 3rdMother name: not known
Siblings name Not known

Relationship Details

He was only 19 when he married his first wife. But got separated from her in 1972. At the time of arrest, his ex-wife was resident in a mobile home park near “Covington, GA.”

Current Relationship and Marital Status Single And Divorced
Biological Children None
Ex-Wife Name Songel Padgett

Physical Stats

Weight In Kilograms: 75g
In Pounds: 165 lbs.
Height In Feet Inches: 5′ 8″In centimeters: 175 cm
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Brown
Distinct Features Wrinkles